Python Object Oriented Basics


We created this workshop using Jupyter Notebooks/.ipynb files. This workshop goes into how to write Object Oriented code in python giving a good foundation for future APCS A students and beneficial information for python developers. Check out the repo link below and the instructions below to check out the notebook on google collab.

How to use Dev Club notebooks online

This is quick set of instructions on how to import a notebook to google collab to check our code or use it.

First you will want to open google collab

Next find a GitHub Repo with one of our notebooks, it will say the primary language is Jupyter Notebook. Heres an example: Jupyter Notebook Github Repo

After that you will need to copy the GitHub Repo url. Then head back to Google Collab.

When you open to google collab it should look similar to this, if it doesn't try reloading the page to make the box pop up: Google Collab loading page

Switch to the Github tab and paste in the Github Repo url, after loading for a short bit your google collab should look like this: Google Collab loading github repo

From there click on the .ipynb file that appears and it will open the Notebook for you to read, use, and test with!